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As we know that printer is a device that accepts graphics and text output from a computer. It transfers the information to paper, generally to standard size sheets of paper. The best example of the printer is the laser printer. There is some example of printers like chain printers, drum printer, band printer’s laser printers and more. These are the best example of impact printers.

There are three printer types that are the best of impact printers.

Inkjet printers– it is used in undeniably an inkjet printer

Laser printers– it is one of the best printers and low running costs.

And the last one is dye-sublimation printers. Now we are here to provide a few suggestions about the best printer for home use India. Given below

Canon Pix ma MG2407

Its one of the best all in one inkjet printer, if you are looking for any kind of printers just go for it because of their best features. Its has the best quality of features like inkjet color printer type, connectivity is USB 2.0, maximum print resolution is 4800*600 dpi (color), 4800*600 dpi(black), scanner resolution is 1200*600 dpi, print speed is 4 Ipm(color), 4 Ipm (black), and the last one is weight (3.5kg). These all are the best features of Canon Pixma MG2407 ALL in one inkjet printer. It’s easily available online. it works very well without a doubt just go for it.

HP Desk Jet

Its one of the best printers, this printer will help you to save desk space as you need not get an additional copy machine or scanner.

There are some kind of pros, like


It’s one of the best printers, and it’s very easy to install and has simple controls.


Printer type- inkjet color printer

Maximum print resolution- 4800*1200 dpi(color)

Print speed is 16ppm (color)

Compatible os is windows 7 and later. These all are the best features of HP Deskjet.

Canon Pix ma E417

Canon Pix ma is one of the best all in one printer, it comes in bang for buck features at it highly reasonable pricing.

 if you are thinking about pricing, don’t worry you will get in your budget. It has the best quality of features like scanner resolution is 1200*600 dpi, tray capacity is 60 pages and weight is 3.5kg.

I hope we have included all the information about the best printers for home use India. Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for readings

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