Best Printers to Be Used at Home


Cards, essays, past papers, coupons and even last-minute directions to a party- anything you may need to print, the best printer for home use surely comes in handy for this.

However, choosing the best printer for home in India use can be difficult considering the plethora of options available in the market. In addition to this, printers have labyrinthine terms which only adds to the complications of this process.

Keeping this mind, we have assembled together a quick and easy guide on deciding the ideal printer for your home use along with basic descriptions of usual terms and even mention the top 10 best home printers for home use at the end of this guide which will be beneficial to most of the users.

As technology starts to advance, the wireless and mobile realms strives to improve and enhance further. There used to be days where households had huge wires which connect to many devices including both computers and printers. In addition, printers never seemed to have a popular opinion amongst the crowd. Even so, office printers have received opinions such as getting paper jams and home printers had a reputation of refilling ink cartridges despite its small usage for printing few materials only.

However, since the printer industry started to get outdated for home purposes, there had been significant technological changes which have been implemented for printers along with specific intentions, which are why it is still being used today. Yes, these units can be used to print basic reports for school and other simple needs but the capability to print high detailed photos and graphics which current printers have along with the modifications made to the wireless and cloud printing systems proves all the more of a reason to own a home printer.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Printer for Home Use

1) Access To Mobile

Tablets and mobile phones are now a part of our lives. It has developed at such a stage and continues to develop where we cannot live without it. Since mobile devices are found and used in everyday life, the makers of wireless inkjet printers are producing printers which can be compatible with users mobile devices.

In fact, you can even print directly from your tablet or mobile phone by linking wirelessly or through Bluetooth. What’s more intriguing is that you can even print spreadsheets, photos, and documents straight from your mobile or handheld device.

2) Printing Photos and Documents

Home printers such as all-in-one inkjet printers are being designed with the capability and power to print out sharp and high defined photos which output remarkable contrast and colour. In fact, these multifunction printers are known for printing 4 x 6 photos and even up to 8 x 10 inches where these look just as impressive to those which are being developed at a local printing shop.

3) Using The Cloud To Carry Out Home & Business Purposes

A majority of businesses are requesting their employees to work from home. At first, sending in information such as presentations, documents, and spreadsheets was restricted to email only. After this, you could then open the file and print it using your computer.

However, these days, Google along with other printer manufacturers have even linking features which makes printing easier to carry out within a short amount of time. Moreover, a lot of wireless printers are now available in Google Cloud ready, allowing you to use the touchscreen in order to navigate through menus and print out anything needed as you start to work from home.

Inkjet or laserThe first question users who wish to purchase printers must answer boils down to a basic matter of what and how much is to be planned on printing.

Technically speaking, you would find two types of printers which you might be familiar with such as the inkjet and laser printer. Basically, a printer with inkjet technology will output ink through tiny nozzles in order to produce highly defined and detailed pictures on paper.

In fact, a laser printer makes use of an ink toner which often looks like dust and an electronic charge which supports in attracting the toner particles in order to generate images on paper. Along with this, it uses a fuser wherein it melts the toner to the paper and makes it stick.

The price range of Inkjets can depend on the number of features needed and what type of print quality is needed. Even so, they can print at a higher resolution compared to laser printers thus making them ideal for photo printing.

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