Best Printers Under 5000 In India


In simple words, the printer is one of the best famous computers peripheral. mainly it is used in print text and photos. It has the best quality of features like printer quality, duty cycle, print speed, scanner resolution, scanner element type, ink replacements costs, laser vs and more. These all are the best quality of features. Nowadays printers are so important for you because it creates credibility. It also helps to create engagement between the customer and the brand. This was invented by Johannes Gutenberg. They don’t need any kind of internet connection without an internet connection it can be printed. There is some modern technique of printing like posters, fabric banners and last one is printing logos and graphics onto clothes. These all are the modern techniques of printing. Now we are here to provide a few suggestions about the best printers under 5000. If you are looking for any kind of printers under 5000 without a doubt you can choose any one given below;

When will speak about hp desk jet 2131, then it’s one of the best all in one printer for home use in India? The range starting from 2,299 on amazon store, you can also get in the offline store. It comes with a plethora of functions. Their design looks very simple if you want to scan your page and any things related to the paper you can print, scan only you need to touch of a button. If you take my suggestion just go for it, it will suit your home/ office use only. It has an advanced specification like
Number of print cartridges- 2 (1, black 1 Tri-color)
Paper capacity- you can print up to 60 sheets
Maximum print resolution- 4800*1200 dpi
Print speed- 7.5 ppm. these all are the best specifications of hp Desk jet 2131 printers.
RICHOS SP  111 Monochromes Jam-Free Laser Printer

It’s one of the best printers for home/ office use in India. It comes in the lower range of laser printers but still, it can manage to all performance and quality. the range starting from 3,669 RS Only/. You will get on amazon store or offline store also. It has the best quality of specifications like it has a 16 PPM, 1200* 600 DPI, JAM free printer and last one is XP Professional. These all are the best features of Richos SP  111 Monochrome Jam. I hope we have included all the information about the best printers under 5000. Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for visiting.

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