How mobile replaced laptop?


To start with, mobiles actually replaced laptops in one or the other way. Things were not like this 15years back wherein a 90’s born kids never had an opportunity to play on the phone but nowadays, each and every kid has a phone in their hand. Technology has rapidly changed if you have to compare 2019 and 1999. How do you think mobiles have almost taken over the work that can be done through laptops? It is all because of a revolution that took place wherein dedicated engineers started developing top quality phones which replaced the work done by laptops. Not fully but yes, partially it has impacted. Let us learn more about how mobiles replaced laptops?

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An era of Smartphones

In the year of 2001-2002, touch screen phones hit the market. The major players were Nokia, Samsung, and Apple. Nokia 5520 is supposed to be the first touch screen phone ever produced by Nokia and it was a great hit. It costed INR 10,000 and supported only 3g and was not compatible with LTE. The full touch screen phone had an inbuilt Microsoft office wherein you can easily use Microsoft excel and Microsoft word.


Portability is again an advantage for those who are travelling as they can plug in a charger and use their phone to finish their work on the go. The charge on the laptops doesn’t last for long as too many programs will be running. Even mobility is the benefit of smartphones; the energy garage is the gain of the computer. It is proper that with the transportable chargers to be had these days, these handicaps have been decreased substantially, but no topics how big is the garage skills of these gadgets, they’ve a long manner to head earlier than to equalize the electricity garage length of a computer or a PC.

The cost of each device relies upon of several factors. In the case of a new laptop the money that you have to spend depends on the range of parts that you need to get. Sometimes human beings have monitor and keyboards already, so as to lessen the prices a incredible deal. Mobile phones are to be had refurbished which also is an exceptional opportunity for budget aware consumers. In fashionable each market are truly wide and supply masses of choices which could satisfy most of budgets.

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