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Business computing is vastly different from personal, everyday computing. Whether you’re a small garage business selling merchandise or a big business counting billions of dollars between fiscal years, you need a powerful and versatile machine. You may be looking to buy an entire fleet of machines for your company, or a single powerful machine if you want it to compliment your honcho CEO-personality. We’re sure you’re looking for a machine that can do everything at once. That too, at a lightning speed. From the best value, low budget, attractive design to the fastest processors, we’ve got a plethora for you. No matter what your budget or preferred brand is, we bring you the top 10 business laptops to buy in 2019. Pick your own favorite — or favorites!

Apple MacBook Pro (15 inches)

A gift from the Gods of Silicon Valley for strict professionals, Apple’s MacBook Pro is more than meets the eye. Finished with an amazing design and a backlit keypad and logo, it also has the fastest storage and rapid processing with 2.9GHz processor and 32GB RAM. With amazing ultra-HD graphics (AMD Radeon Pro 560X), and a great screen resolution, this macOS-based machine is a top laptop pick for creative professionals. Rated among the best for almost a year and scoring high marks makes this machine a safe but rather an expensive one to buy. If you weigh rapid processing over cost — and don’t mind Macs in your workplace — this is a fit for you.

Huawei MateBook X Pro (14 inches)

Not many are aware of the amazing business laptops that this smartphone-giant has come up with recently. MateBook X Pro is an amazing next-gen machine best suited for executive power users. It’s lightweight and economical. The ease of use and the stunning features like 512GB storage, Nvidia GeForce graphics, 16GB RAM, 1.8GHz processor come with a user-friendly version of Windows 10. Do not forget the super-quick Intel Core i7 processor that’s been making this laptop the editor’s choice for quick multitasking.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (12 inches)

Hailed as the best two-in-one Windows-based business laptop ever made, Surface Pro 6 is making heads turn wherever it goes. Its detachable screen and keypad make it a handy business laptop for professional power users who like to work on-the-go. Features like a quick 1.6GHz Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB ultra-fast storage make Surface Pro 6 a quintessential choice. It is super-lightweight at 1.7 pounds, has long battery life, and is very economical.

Dell Latitude 7490 (14 inches)

When it comes to amazing machines, let’s not forget the granddaddy of amazing business laptops — Dell. The superb biometric login feature, economical price, great performance, and the ease of use have made this the best laptop for small and medium-sized businesses. Dell Latitude 7490 comes with Windows 10 and great features like Intel Core i5 (quad) 1.6GHz processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB storage space and Intel UHD graphics. An amazing touchscreen can be added at a reasonable cost.

Dell XPS 13 9380 (13 inches)

A modified beast of a machine back in 2018, Dell XPS is an absolute legend in 2019. Powered with a magnificent webcam for the conference call and extreme portability make it the editor’s choice for the most portable business laptop of 2019.

XPS 13 is graced with an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 3.9 GHz processor with 16GB RAM which makes it a go-to device for professionals. Add storage of 512GB and a 4K ultra-HD touchscreen to its already fabulous list of features.

Dell Precision 7730 (17 inches)

Image result for Dell Precision 7730The Dell Precision 7730 is the most powerful business laptop available in the market today. If budget is not your issue, get this powerful 17-inch sparring machine with Intel Core i9 processor with your eyes closed. Although it’s not very portable, the features more than make up for it. This is the best business laptop for 3D modelling and engineering professionals. With a whopping 128GB RAM and a 4TB storage, it delivers a blistering performance every time it is challenged with a heavy application. It comes with a comfortable keyboard and a vivid display.

HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 (13 inches)

HP’s product of the year is all that it takes to be the best business laptops for executive power users. Its military grade-durable aluminum chassis makes it portable and super-durable. You can bend this 2.8-pounds laptop by 360-degrees to form a tablet. Its stellar configuration includes fast storage of up to 2TB, 16GB RAM with an Intel Core i7 1.9GHz processor, Intel UHD graphics and a 13.3 inches 4K ultra-HD touchscreen. All this for a fairly decent price and with an option to customize.

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